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UV-223 BGA Flux Paste ( 10CC )

UV-223 BGA Flux Paste ( 10CC )
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UV-223 BGA Flux Paste ( 10CC )
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UV-223 Flux Paste ( 10 CC ) Lead-Free Environmental Protection , Easy to Tin , No Residue , Good Insulation Effect

Definition: play in the welding process: remove oxides and reduce the surface tension of the material to be welded two main effects paste chemicals.

U.S. AMTECH developed two ways to use the phone PCB, BGA and PGA SMD Rework help paste, which is used in low ionic activator system, run tin speed, low level of smoke residue after curing of the surface insulation resistance value is very high, so very small electrical interference for mobile phones and other communication products.
1.UV 223 as a leave-in help paste residue color is very light, very high SIR value, recommended for BGA, CSP ball array solder joint repair ball.
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1x UV 223 Flux Paste ( 10 CC )

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