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YIHUA 3005D DC Power Supply Adjustable Digital Program Control  ( 30V~5A )
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Brand: YiHua Item Code/Product Code: 1658
3005D 0-30V 0-5A adjustable digital Dc regulated power supply with Universal plugsFeature:1.YIHUA3005D 30V 5A is the second generation of digital program-controlled switching power supply,it used the latest  technology and crafts,the weight is very light ,it is 50% lighter  than the t..
Brand: YiHua Item Code/Product Code: 1670
YIHUA-8508D hot air rework station applies the unique SAMSUNG SCM and PID program, to precisely control the temperature. Through the precise temperature controlling, you can safeguard the dedicate component while desoldering.Its air gun, which is specially designed to manually and automatically oper..
Brand: YiHua Item Code/Product Code: 1768
YIHUA 862D+ 720W phone Repair Air Soldering Station With Heat Gun For Solder Features 1.Hot air and hot iron 2in1 soldering rework station2.Extremely low noise and space saving design3.Advanced SMD technology for more stability use4.YIHUA862D+ 2 in1 soldering rework station use Dual LED di..
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