Bio Soldering Paste ( Flux ) 80ML

Bio Soldering Paste ( Flux ) 80ML

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Product Description

Technical advantage: This  product user can rework mobile CPU within 10-15 seconds,  keypad IC or other small crystal IC 8 sec. It has best quality lubricant that helps to shake / twist the IC and melt perfectly when mounting on the PCB. This 80 ml. pack can rework minimum number of 100 CPU ICs of mobile PCB. After reworking no wastage will found  on PCB, no need to wash (if the PCB is not water damaged). No stain or carbon produce after rework.

Why Bio / Herbal-soldering paste(flux)?

Bio-soldering paste(flux) has made after five years long experiment. It has no harmful content or toxic material. It made by natural extract, harbal-oils, pure laboratory grade unleaded petroleum compound(12.5% of total contains) and mild perfume. Bio - Soldering paste (flux) is tropically tested. It works from (-10) to 50 degree Celsius temperature of room/weather.

Bio-soldering paste is a resin type flux. It is too faster to rework PCB.


As the result Bio - Soldering Paste(flux) is

 1. Fast reworking with 25%-40% time saving.
 2. No eye irritation for low smoke producing,
 3. No spot or stain on PCB after rework,
 4. Save PCB from overheating, Tempering, multilayer breaking,
 5. Save electricity,
 6. Save health.

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