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Touch Separator Machine

Brand: Forward Item Code/Product Code: 2203
Product Name8 Inches Two-Button Built-in Vacuum Separator (3 Channels)BrandFORWARDModelFW-1082Machine Power350 WMax Input Current1.4 AVoltage110V, 220 VWorking ConditionAmbient temperature 10~45 degrees, the altitude cannot exceed 4km.Working Area198*108 mmProduct Size320*180*120 mmNet Weight1.9 kgP..
Rs.2,499.00 Rs.3,000.00
Brand: Forward Item Code/Product Code: 1892
Two-Button Rotary Edge Separator Features:1)  360° rotary design. Freely rotate the direction, and work in the posture you are most used to. Rotating fixing clip design, only need to pull the clip to lock and unlock the platform, to prevent the working platform loosening during the operation.2)..
Rs.5,199.00 Rs.5,800.00
Brand: G2Mark Item Code/Product Code: 1901
G2Mark RE-360 Rotary Edge Separator Machine Phone Screen Rapid Separation Disassemble Repair Tools For Mobile PhonesHow to use it:1. Just put on LCD on the heating panel, turn on "Vacuum Pump" switch, then you can separate the glass. And the LCD is firmly fixed on the panel while separating.2. The L..
Rs.4,199.00 Rs.4,700.00
M-Triangel LCD Separator Machine (CP-201A)
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Item Code/Product Code: 1608
CP-201A M-triangle mobile screen glass separator with big vacuum inbuilt widely known as touch saprator or glass sapator. Additional Information: Item Code: CP-201A.Package Content*1x Touch Separator Machine1x Rubber Pad1x Power Cable..
Rs.2,299.00 Rs.2,600.00
Brand: Sunshine Item Code/Product Code: 2122
SUNSHINE S-918E LCD Screen Separate Heating PadDescription : Sunshine S-918E is LCD Temperature Controller.It can warming quickly, keeping temperarure constant, and easy operation.It suit for separate iPad screen. It suit for separate iPad screen.It suit for separate iPad screen Can convert vol..
Rs.3,999.00 Rs.4,699.00
Brand: Sunshine Item Code/Product Code: 2173
Sunshine S-918F Plus 5 in 1 Universal Edge Screen Separator ( Left/ Right Tilt 45° And 360° Rotation Screen Heating Glue RemovalProduct FeatureLeft and right tilt 45°+360° rotationStraight screen and edge screen are universal for one machine, suitable for heating/separation/glue removal/fr..
Rs.6,850.00 Rs.7,350.00
Brand: Sunshine Item Code/Product Code: 2127
SUNSHINE S-918R 14 inch LCD Vacuum Separator Machine mobile phone lcd screen repair separator display glass removingInformation:1.Dual control suction control, zone suction, more precise,2.14 inch panel:Practical control design3.High temperature resistant / separation pad   4.Hole alignmen..
Item Code/Product Code: 1701
Vacuum Pump Motor For Touch Separator Machine Package Content*1X Vacuum Pump Motor For Touch Separator Machine ..
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