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Parts For OCA Machine

Item Code/Product Code: 1068
Golden Male 3 Way Brass Thread For Air CompressorPackage Content*1x Golden Male 3 Way Brass Thread For Air Compressor..
Laminate Red Mat 12.5 Inch ( 0.8mm Thick )
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Item Code/Product Code: 1384
Laminate Red Mat 12.5 Inch ( 0.8mm Thick )Package Content *1x Laminate Mat 12.5 inch..
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Item Code/Product Code: 1172
Pipe For OCA Machine 8MM*5MM - 1 MeterPackage Content*1x Pipe For OCA Machine 8MM*5MM - 1 Meter..
Item Code/Product Code: 1686
Push in 8MM T Connector For OCA Machine to connect 3 pipe together with air compressor / laminator machine / bubble remover..
Item Code/Product Code: 1229
FEATURES1. Designed for Polyurethane or Nylon tubing.  2. Quick and reliable connections. 3. Reusable: multiple connections / disconnections. 4. Convenient elliptical / round sleev..
Item Code/Product Code: 1467
Rubber Ring For Bubble Remover RE-793Package Content*1x Rubber Ring For Bubble Remover RE-793..
Item Code/Product Code: 1471
Soft Laminating Sponge Mat For Laminating  8mm )Multi-functional Foam Sponge Pad is universal cell phone repair tool,  it is used for reducing pressure of mobilephone LCD screen to avoid damagePackage Content*1x Soft Laminating Sponge MatPS : Only the above package Content are in..
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