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G2Mark RE-100 Television 180X Zoom Microscope With 0.5X Height Lens & 20MP Dual Output Camera ( Without Monitor )

G2Mark RE-100 Television 180X Zoom Microscope With 0.5X Height Lens & 20MP Dual Output Camera ( Without Monitor )
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G2Mark RE-100 Television 180X Zoom Microscope With 0.5X Height Lens & 20MP Dual Output Camera ( Without Monitor )
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This digital microscope with HDMI / VGA analog signal transmission mode, with a shielded light function and automatic white balance mode, imaging clear, bright colors, simple operation, suitable for the majority of industrial enterprises product testing. Digital microscope is the elite optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology, LCD screen technology combined with the successful development of a high-tech products. Thus, we can study the microscopic field from the traditional ordinary binocular observation through the display on the reproduction, thereby improving the work efficiency and reduce fatigue.
4 cross lines, optional cross line number, color, line width, full screen display, can be moved to any location, can hide all cross lines. Chinese and English menu, simple and clear, easy to operate. Directly connected to the computer monitor, real-time video image viewing, the image is clear, stable, no flicker, in the short distance to watch the eye is not easy to fatigue. Adjust the best image effect method: the brightness of the light source is relatively bright, press POWER Key, the upper left corner of the screen will display "manual exposure", "manual exposure" disappeared on the screen, then go to the brightness of the light source, transferred to what you think is better.

Connection mode; HDMI / VGA analog signal output, direct connection to the display.
Photographic eyepiece; 0.5X
Working height; 35-500mm
Field of view; 3.5-32mm
Magnification; 28-180 times (refer to 20-inch display)
Focusing mechanism; hand-up and down movements, the range of 0-65mm
Column; diameter 25.5mm, height 355mm
Fixed base; aluminum, 380mm * 255mm * 23mm
Center working distance;
Input voltage; 100-240v
Lighting system; high brightness LED environmental light source, brightness adjustable. 1
Standard configuration details
Industrial camera;
Fixed focus lens;
Adjustment mechanism;
High brightness LED environmental light source;
Fixed base;
Sensor type; 2 million pixels 1/3 inch CMOS color
Effective pixels; 1600H * 1200V
Data bits; 8bit
Pixel size; 2.8 μm * 2.8 μm
Frame rate; 15 frames / sec @ 1600X1200, 30 frames / sec @ 1024X768
Clarity; 1024x768 60Hz resolution above 600TV lines.
At 1600X1200 60Hz resolution when the 800TV line or more.
Scan mode; line by line
Shutter type; electronic shutter
Dynamic range; 71dB
Signal to noise ratio; 44dB
Sensitivity; 1.0 V / lux-sec (550 nm)
Exposure time; 10μs-60ms, auto exposure
White balance; automatic
Lens interface; C / CS
Video interface; standard  HDMI / VGA interface
1024X768 60Hz (default), 1280X1024 60Hz, 1366X768 60Hz
1440X900 60Hz, 1600X1200 60Hz, 1680X1050 60Hz, 1920X1080 60Hz
Menu function
Brightness, contrast, color saturation, exposure brightness, Chinese and English, auto exposure, manual exposure, vertical mirror, horizontal mirror, negative, number of cross lines, cross color, cross line width.
Operating temperature; 0-60 ° C
Power supply mode; external 5V DC allows 10% deviation
Working current; 600mA
Power; 3W

Package Content*

1x G2Mark RE-100 Microscope With Base

1x LED Light With Adjustable Controller

1x G2Mark 20MP Dual Output Camera HDMI + VGA

1x Power Adaptor For Camera

1x 0.5X Height Lens

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