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Information about G2Mark eWallet

Information about G2Mark e-Wallet



Q. What is G2Mark e-Wallet:

A. G2Mark eWallet is an e-payment system where you can store money electronically and later use anytime to make purchases on without any expiry.


Q. Does my money in G2Mark eWallet has any expiry?

A. No, as of now there is no expiry set on the amount in G2Mark's eWallet. Means you can use the money from eWallet anytime to make a new order on or also can ask for a transfer to your bank account anytime you wish to (the reward cashback amount is not redeemable/transferable to the bank account).


Q. What all products can I buy with using my money in G2Mark eWallet?

A. You can buy almost all products from using your eWallet balance. 1 iPoint in eWallet is equaled to 1 Rupee.

Q. How to make an order using G2Mark eWallet?

A. Its very simple, select the products you want to order and add them to your cart normally. Now press checkout. If you have any eWallet balance available in your G2Mark eWallet account, then it will be used automatically. At the checkout page, you will only be asked to pay the difference amount if the value of your cart is more than the value of the amount you have in your G2Mark eWallet.


Q. Can I transfer the amount back to my bank account from G2Mark eWallet?

A. Yes, Money in G2Mark eWallet is totally transferable to your bank account anytime. It is your virtual electronic money and can be transferred anytime with no expiry. Only the rewarded cashback cannot be transferred to the bank account, they can be only used to make new purchases on



Q. How to check my current G2Mark eWallet balance?

A. Just log onto your account and click "My Account", Here you will see "eWallet (x)". Here x is the number of eWallet points you have in your account. Clicking "eWallet" will show you the entire history of your G2Mark eWallet transactions.



Q. How can I add money to my G2Mark eWallet account?

A. G2Mark eWallet is the easiest and fastest system to buy from our website. If you are a frequent buyer from our website and want to save the hassle of going to the bank again and again to make payments, then you can buy points directly from here at once, and use them, later on, to make payments for your orders on our website.