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Q. What is G2mark e-Wallet:

A. iPoints is a reward system where you are rewarded points for each order you make on our website.

Q. What all products can i buy with using my Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) ?

A. You can buy almost all products using your Reward Point ( E-Wallet ).

Q. How to redeem Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) ?

A. Its very simple, select the products you want to order and add them to your cart normally. Now press View Cart . At the View Cart Page you can see in the left side tab there is a row which says "Use Reward Points", and below that is the points you have. Just enter here the number of Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) you want to use in this particular order and click the arrow on the left side. Now you will see that the final amount has changed as the Reward Point have been deducted from your account. Please Note: once you use your Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) to make an order cannot be un-done. If you have used your Reward Point ( E-Wallet ), then this cannot be cancelled.

Q. How to check how many Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) do i have?

A. Just log onto your account and click "Reward Point" in right side, Here you will see "Reward Point ". Here you can see the number of Reward Points you have in your account. Clicking Reward Point will show you the entire history of your Reward Point transactions.

Q. How can i add Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) to my account?

A. Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) is the easiest system to buy from our website. If you are a frequent buyer from our website, and want to save the hassle of going to bank again and again to make payments, then you can buy Reward Point ( E-Wallet ) directly from HERE at once, and use them later on to make payments for your orders on our website.