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Mechanic XZ10 Solder Ball - 10000 Pieces (0.30mm)

Mechanic XZ10 Solder Ball - 10000 Pieces (0.30mm)
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Mechanic XZ10 Solder Ball - 10000 Pieces (0.30mm)
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MECHANIC solder ball 10000PCS/Bottle 

Composition : Sn63/Pb37 ( 63% tin /  37% lead )

The BGA solder ball has the following characteristics:

  • Meet EU ROHS and REACH standards.
  • With high reliability, excellent mechanical properties, good thermal fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • Purity and sphericity are very high, no surface defects.
  • Suitable for BGA, CSP and other cutting-edge packaging technology and the use of micro-welding.
  • The minimum diameter of the solder ball 0.20mm, non-standard sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • When using the automatic calibration with the ability and allow the placement of a relatively large error, unprovoked surface flatness problems.

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1x Mechanic XZ10 Solder Ball - 10000 Pieces (0.30mm)

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