Mechanic SMD Rework Station ( HK-850TD ) Burnt Free

Mechanic SMD Rework Station ( HK-850TD ) Burnt Free

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Product Description

LED precise digital display, manual and automatic mode, multi file adjustment, small noise, HK-850TD mini hot air gun SMD 




一、commodity parameter



Airflow type

 Air supply by air pump

Product name

Air pump type hot air welding station

Wind flow


Product model


temperature range


Power consumption










Packing size


Packing list

 The outer packing box *1, host *1, wind gun handle *1, wind gun bracket *1, Air nozzle 5φ8φ10φ*1,Instruction manual *1

Multi stage adjustment, 8 stage wind power, electrodeless high temperature

550W high power heating core

Quiet design, in line with national standards, small noise

The spiral air outlet has high safety factor and uniform heating

Safety protection, automatic cold air function, protection of air gun


Strong air pump air supply: 24L air pump, strong wind pressure, the bottom of the air pump is equipped with silica gel pad, effectively reduce vibration

It is in accordance with the design of human mechanics, comfortable grip, high temperature resistant and flame retardant environmental protection material, long service life.

Imported ceramic skeleton heating core, heating wire using skeleton winding technology, increase stability, not easy to burn, short circuit.

Automatic cold air design, handle on the handle frame, let the machine automatically cool to 70 degrees, into standby state can be shut down

LED accurate digital display, accurate temperature control, good linear temperature, non analog temperature control, can effectively avoid the damage due to temperature error welded components

BS plugs meet international BS1363-1 standards, 250V, 13A, length 1.25 meters, BS plugs for family, business, light industry and similar purposes


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