Sunshine 580 Aerosol Coolant Freezing Spray (400ML)

Sunshine 580 Aerosol Coolant Freezing Spray (400ML)

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SUNSHINE 580 freeze spray is made of advance environment-friendly cold material,the temperature on the surface of material can drop to -50

Product Description

SUNSHINE 580 freeze spray is made of advance environment-friendly cold material,the temperature on the surface of material can drop to -50°C immediately after being used the refrigerant , its gas can scatter heat and cool circuit, and fastly cool the parts of machine, so eliminate malfunction of electronic part and electrical appliance , and it can also be safely used for sensitive parts and many material surface , flammable no residue , non-conductive, fast evaporation , no damage to metal

Product Features

1.Safe and environment-friendly,with applying the preparation of no CFC and HCFC and flammable

2.No residue instant evaporation, material surface is still clean after evaporation, without side effect on current property

3.For most metals,a plastic is non-corrosive , it will not wear or scratch the surface of material

4.With accurate spray nozzle and extended tube as well as gun-way pressing trigger , it will make easier and more accurate

Product Application

1.Test low temperature

2.Available to be used for preventing the sprayed regrigerant liquid which will frostbite when welding the parts with rhermal sensitivity

3.Metal pipe connecting and removal, bearing assembly and removal

4.Clear chewing gum.

Operation Steps

1.Shake up sufficiently before use and during use.

2.Please don,t spray toward your skin, the sprayed refrigerant liquid will frostbite the bare skin, please use protective face-shield,eyeglasses, long skirt and gloves etc.

3.Any operation near fire is forbidden

4.Spray evenly with targeted distance from spray nozzle is 15-30 cm,press the  spraying trigger, to keep spraying

5.The extended tube can be used in case of accurate spraying


1.This product contains pressure gas. please keep it away from heat source and fire,do not pierce, knock or fire the gas spray pot.

2.Please store it out of children

3.Do not spray on skin. the can will dispense freezing liquid which can frostbite on exposed skin.

4.This product contains slight smell irritant for skin and eyes, in case of spattering into the eyes, please flush with lost of water immediately, and go to hospital if necessary in case of contacting the skin ,please flush with soap and much clean water.

Storage Conditions

1.Store in the cool and dry place with temperature below 40C

2.Expiry date : 24 months

Package Content*

1x Sunshine 580 Aerosol Coolant Freezing Spray (400ML)

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