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Universal Alignment Mold For All Mobile

Universal Alignment Mold For All Mobile

  • Product Code: 1400
  • Weight: 1.000
  • Availability: In Stock
INR 1,100

Universal Alignment Mold

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The mould is suitable for the multi brand and multi model mobile phone screen laminating and positioning,and the size can

be flexibly adjusted with the size of the mobile phone screen, amulti use, flexible and convenient,and high utilization efficiency.

A set of mold to get all kinds of mobile phone screen fit.Figure in the nut fixes the mold, each mold holes have threads, nuts and

When positioning, the liquid crystal screen and the glass cover plate are respectively fixed, the liquid crystal screen is fixed on the

mould, and the glass cover plate is fixed on the mould.

Package Content*

1x Universal Alignment Mold

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