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Riff Box Version 2

Riff Box Version 2
Riff Box Version 2
Riff Box Version 2
Riff Box Version 2
Riff Box Version 2
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RIFF BOX v2 H/W Specification

  • Dual-core Cortex-M4 MCU @ 204MHz;
  • PC to Box USB (Device) Speed: Hi-Speed (480 Mbps);
  • Box to Device (Host) Speed: Full-Speed (48 Mbps);
  • SD/MMC Interface with 1-Bit (DAT0) and 4-Bit (DAT0-DAT3) Bus Width support and SD_CLK up to 52 MHz;
  • UART Interface;
  • RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
  • Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V) for interfacing a range of devices and protocols, such as NAND, SPI, I2C, Pin Finder, etc.;
  • 4 fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines;

RIFF BOX v2 Interface Specification

  • 20-Pin Male Connector:
  • JTAG Interface: TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO and NRST;
  • SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Interface: SWCLK, SWDIO (SWDIO and SWCLK are overlaid on the TMS and TCK pins);
  • 30-Pin Male Connector:
  • SD/MMC Interface 1/4Bit @ 52MHz;
  • Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V);
  • USB Device Connector: connects the Box with PC @ Hi-Speed (480 Mbps), approx. 20 MByte/sec;
  • USB Host Connector: connects the Box with USB devices @ Full-Speed (48 Mbps), approx. 1.5-2 MByte/sec;
  • RJ-45 Connector:
  • RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
  • UART Port;
  • 4 Fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines;

Supported SD/MMD Revisions:
Revisions 1.0 to 1.7 (for MMC: v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.41, v4.5, v4.51, v5.0) and higher

Supported JTAG Cores:

  • ARM7,
  • ARM920,
  • ARM926,
  • ARM946,
  • ARM7EJS,
  • ARM11,
  • CORTEX-A5,
  • CORTEX-A8,
  • CORTEX-A9,
  • CORTEX-A15,
  • OMAP3430,
  • OMAP3630,
  • OMAP4430,
  • TEGRA2 (ARM7),
  • PXA270,
  • PXA312
  • MIPS32™ IR5Bit,
  • MIPS32™ IR8Bit,

RIFF Box v2 software:

  • RIFF JTAG Manager
  • RIFF Remote helper
  • RIFF Admin client / SN reader
  • RIFF Box USB drivers


  • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11 PXA3xx, PXA270, Cortex-A8, OMAP850, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A5 Dual/Quad cores supported.
  • Multiple devices on JTAG chain supported, TAP number selection available.
  • Any custom voltage level selection within the range of ~1.4V to 3.3V.
  • TCK / Adaptive clocking selection available.
  • Halt core (NRST is not changed).
  • Reset core (NRST is applied before halt).
  • Run core.
  • Direct Memory Read/write (by 8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words).
  • Access to ARM core control registers (coprocessor 15).
  • Program code breakpoints.
  • Custom scripting and DCC loader supported (compatible with Trace32 scripts).
  • Custom GDB Server Available.
  • I/O pins detection.


  • OneNAND (connected directly to the MCU's address space)
  • CFI Compliant NOR with CFI Command sets 0×0001, 0×0002, 0×0200 and 0×0003
  • NAND Controller in MSM6250, MSM6250A
  • NAND Controller in QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270
  • NAND Controller in MDM6085, MDM6200, MDM6600
  • NAND Controller in MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6270, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6290, MSM6800A, MSM6801A
  • NAND Controller and OneNAND Controller in MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627
  • NAND Controller in MSM7200, MSM7200A, MSM7201A, MSM7500, MSM7500A, MSM7501A, MSM7600
  • NAND Controller in QSD8250, QSD8650
  • eMMC Controller #2 in MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T
  • eMMC Controller #0 in S5PV310


  • Generic ARM Cores: ARM7, ARM9 (ARM920, ARM926, ARM946), ARM11, CORTEX-A8,CORTEX-A9
  • Qualcomm QSC Family: QSC1100, QSC1110, QSC6010, QSC6020, QSC6030, QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270
  • Qualcomm MSM Family: MSM6000, MSM6150, MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6250, MSM6250A, MSM6260, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6800A, MSM6801A, MSM6290, MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627, MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T, MSM8260
  • Qualcomm QSD Family: QSD8250, QSD8650
  • Qualcomm ESM Family: ESM7602A
  • Qualcomm MDM Family: MDM6085 MDM6200, MDM6600
  • OMAP Family: OMAP1710, OMAP3430, OMAP3630, OMAP4430
  • NVIDIA Family: TEGRA2
  • Marvell/XScale Family: PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA310, PXA312, PXA320
  • Samsung Processors: S5P6422, S5PV310


  • Alcatel
    • Alcatel One Touch OT-995, OT255C, OT990, OT993D
  • Asus
    • Asus Padfone A68, Asus Padfone A80
  • CoolPad
    • CoolPad 5860+
  • Fly
    • Fly IQ280, IQ285
  • Haier
    • Haier C2010, C2010, C2040, C2076, C300, C3010, C301R, C5100, C6000
  • HTC
    • HTC 7 Mozart, 7 Pro (HTC Gold), 7 Surround T8788 (HTC Mondrian), 7 Trophy T8686 (HTC Spark), 7Pro, 8S, 8X (PM2330000), 8X16GB, 8X8GB, Advantage X7510 (HTC Athena), Amaze 4G (HTC Ruby), Amaze4G, Amaze4G PH8510000 (HTC Ruby), Artemis, Athena, Butterfly X920d, ChaCha, ChaCha A810e, Chief, Click, Dash, Desire, Desire C NFC A320e (HTC Golf), Desire HD (HTC Ace), Desire HD A9191 (HTC Ace), Desire S (HTC Saga), Desire S S510E (HTC Saga), Desire SV T326e, Desire SV T326e (HTC Magni), Desire V T328w (HTC Wind), Desire VC T328d, Desire X (HTC Proto), Desire Z (HTC Vision), Desire Z (HTC Vision), DesireC, DesireHD, DesireS, DesireV, DesireX, DesireZ, Diamond, Dream, Droid DNA ADR6435 / Droid Incredible X (HTC DLX), Droid Incredible 2 ADR6350, Droid Incredible ADR6300 (HTC Incredible C), DroidDNA, DroidEris, Elf, Espresso, Evo 3D, EVO 4G LTE (HTC Jewel), EVO Design 4G / Acquire (HTC Kingdom), EVO View 4G, EvoDesign4G, EvoView4G, Explorer (HTC Pico), Flyer (PG41100), Flyer 3G, Flyer 4G, Flyer 4G P515E, Flyer WiFi (PG41400), Gene100, Glacier, HD, HD Mini T5555 (HTC Photon), HD2, HD7, HD7Pro, HDMini, Herald, Hero, Imagio, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Incredible S, Incredible-2, Incredible-C, IncredibleS, Incredible-S, Inspire, Inspire 4G A9192 (HTC Stallion), Inspire USB, J ISW13HT (HTC Valente), J ISW13HT (HTC Valente), Jade, Jetstream (HTC Puccini), Jewel, Legend, Magic, Magic32A, Magic32B, Mega, Mozart, MyTouch4G, Neon, Nexus, Niki, One 802d, One LTE 32GB (HTC M7), One M7 PN071100, One M7 PN072000, One S PJ401000, One S Z560E (HTC Ville C), One V T320e (HTC Primo), One X AT&T, One XL (HTC Evita), OneS3, OneS4, OneV, OneVX (PM3610000), OneX, OneXL, Ozone XV6175 (HTC Chief), Panache 4G, Panache/Glacier/My Touch 4G, Polaris, Polaris (HTC Cruise), Radar, Radar (HTC Omega), Raphael, Rezound, Rezound ADR6425 (HTC Vigor), Rhodium, Rhyme (HTC Bliss), Sensation (HTC Pyramid), Sensation (PG581300/PG583101), Sensation 4G (PG581000), Sensation PG5811000, Sensation XE PG5813001 (G18), Sensation XL, Sensation XL X315 / Bass (HTC Runnymede), SensationXL, Snap, Supersonic, Supersonic (EVO 4G), Surround, T329w (HTC Proto), Tattoo, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, ThunderBolt 4G ADR6400 (HTC Mecha), Titan, Titan X310E (HTC Eternity), Topaz, Trophy, Vivid (HTC Holiday), WildFire, Wildfire S A510E (HTC Marvel), Wildfire S CDMA (HTC Marvel C), Windows Phone 8S (HTC Rio), Windows Phone 8X LTE 16GB, Wings, Wizard, Wizard 200
  • Huawei
    • Ascend G300 (Huawei U8815), Ascend G330 (Huawei U8825D), Ascend G510, Ascend G600 (U8950-1), Ascend Y200 (Huawei U8655), Boulder U8350/U8350-51, C2605, C2607, C2801, C2806M, C2807, C2808, C2809, C2823, C2830, C2856, C2901M, C2905, C2906, C31, C3200, C3500, C5005, C5100, C5589, C8500, E153U, E1550, E160, E160G, E169, E173U2, E17X, E220, E5830, E5832, E585, EC1260, EC189, ETS2205, ETS2205, ETS2222, ETS2225, Ideos S7, Ideos U8150/U8150D, Ideos X1 U8180 (Huawei Gaga), Ideos X3 U8510-1 (Huawei Blaze), S7, Sonic (Huawei U8650), U1270, U1280, U2800, U8110, U8150, U8150D, U8160, U8180, U8220, U8350, U8350-51, U8500, U8500, U8650, U8655, U8800 Impulse 4G/ X5, U8800 Pro, U8800Pro, U8815, U8825D, U8860, W1-U00
  • LG
    • C660 Optimus Pro, C660H, CU720, CU720 Shine, E400, E405, E405 Optimus L3, E510, E510 Optimus Hub (LG Univa), E610/E612 Optimus L5, E612, E615, E615 Optimus L5, E900, E900 Optimus 7, E960 Nexus 4 (LG Mako), E975 Optimus G (LG Gee), E975W Optimus GJ (LG Gee B), E988, F100S, F120K, F120L, F-160K Optimus LTE2, F-160L Optimus LTE2, F160S, F-160S Optimus LTE2, F200K, F220K (Optimus GK), F260S Optimus LTE III, F260S Optimus LTE III, GM730, GT540, LS970 Eclipse 4G, LSP450T, LSP450T, LU6200, Optimus LTE Tag F120K, Optimus LTE Tag F120L, P350 Pecan / Optimus Me, P500, P698, P698 Optimus, P705, P705 Optimus L7 / P700, P715, P930, P930 Nitro HD, P970, P970 Optimus, P999, RD3000, RD3100, RD3500, RD3510, RD3540, RD3610, RD3640, RD6100, SH860, SU630, TD636, VM265, VS840 Lucid 4G

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