Chimera Tool Server Credits

Chimera Tool Server Credits

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Chimera Tool Server Credits - Credits Consumption

Module/activationCredits consumptionValidity period
BlackBerry Module599 credits12 months
Full ChimeraTool Activation (all modules)999 credits12 months
Samsung Module599 credits12 months
LG Module12 months

Chimera Tool Server Credits - BlackBerry Module

Supported Features:

  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Base functions
    • Read Phone Information
    • Read Sim-Lock Profile
    • Read Software Component Informations
    • Read Bootrom Information
    • Unlock Phone by MEP Unlock Code
    • Software Update without any Installer
    • Fast online update to any vendor/provider/version (world first solution)
    • Nuke Function for Deep Memory Formating
    • Fix APP errors
  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Extended functions
    • Direct unlock (MEP0 reset supported)
    • Repair IMEI
    • Backup phone
    • Restore phone
    • Refurbish
    • Reset Lifetimer
    • Change Vendor ID (Logo Remove/Change)
    • Change Keyboard Layout (QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY)
    • Camera Reset (auto-detect)
    • LCD Reset (auto-detect)
    • Auto turn on (phone will turn on automatically after inserting a battery)
    • Turn Java on (only a white screen at start and can not continue)
  • BlackBerry MEP based NCK calculation

Supported Phones

ModelBase functionsExtended functionsMEP based NCK calculation
BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 (0x04002607)+  
BlackBerry Z10 LTE STL100-2 (0x8700240a)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+++
BlackBerry 9930 Bold Touch (0x05001204)+++
BlackBerry 9900 Bold (0x07001204)+++
BlackBerry 9860 Torch (0x1d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9850 Torch (0x16001404)+++
BlackBerry 9810 Torch (0x0c001804)+++
BlackBerry 9800 Torch (0x05001807)+++
BlackBerry 9790 Bold (0x26001507)+++
BlackBerry 9780 Bold (0x15001507)+++
BlackBerry 9720 (0x06000f07)+  
BlackBerry 9700 Bold (0x04001507)+++
BlackBerry 9650 Bold (0x07001504)+++
BlackBerry 9630 Tour (0x0d000d04)+++
BlackBerry 9550 Storm2 (0x0c001404)+++
BlackBerry 9530 Storm (0x04001404)+++
BlackBerry 9520 Storm2 (0x0d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9500 Storm (0x06001404)+++
BlackBerry 9380 Curve (0x04002207)+++
BlackBerry 9360 Curve (0x0e001507)+++
BlackBerry 9350/9370 Curve (0x0c000f04)+

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