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AE Tool eMMC Programmer By MRT Team
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Model: 1541
AE Tool eMMC Programmer is a high-speed eMMC service solution for OPPOMain Features:Flash / Format / Read / Write / Wipe via ISP PinoutPackage Content:USB AETOOL EMMC Programmer - 1 pc.BGA 169/153 Adapter - 1 pc.BGA 221 Adapter - 1 pc...
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Model: 1133
ATF 5-in-1 EMMC Cable - Supported FeaturesMemory card password readerConnect ATF 5-in-1 EMMC cable with ATF and insert password protected memory card into a slot and run ATF software.JTAG JIGs from MolexYou can use  Easy JTAG JIGs as well as Molex JTAG JIGs too. Just connect Flex of Easy JTAG J..
ATF JTAG EMMC / ISP eMMC Adaptor V3 ( By Smart GSM )
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Model: 1144
ATF-V3 Unique Features:ON - Strong PULL-UP resistors will be applied to eMMC CMD (blue) and DATA (green) lines. This is very useful feature for phones that require VccQ and Vcc power connections (Samsung, HTC, etc.)OFF - PULL-UP resistors WILL NOT be used. This is normally done with Nokia ..
China 6 In 1 Cable For Chinese Box
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Model: 1169
China 6 In 1 Cable Compatible With All Chinese Box..
Model: 1070
Chinese BOOT JIG V.2Chinese Boot Jig v.2 has been developed for Chinese Android mobile phones.When servicing Chinese Android mobile phones sometimes you need to find a boot key.If you have a CHinese Boot Jig v.2 you do not have to search for anything.Just insert the device into the phone then connec..
Model: 1124
China Android Boot Combo Cable - Supported BoxesVolcano BoxMiracle BoxCS-Tool DongleChinese Miracle 2 (CM2)China Android Boot Combo Cable - FeaturesMTK Android Read InfoMTK Android Read FlashMTK Android Write FlashMTK Android RootSPD Android FormatChina Android Boot Combo Cable - ConnectorsUSBMicro ..
China Main Cable
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Model: 1118
Supported With All Chinese Box..
Chinese Box Adaptor P-05B
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Chinese Box Adaptor P-07A Chinese Box Adaptor P-07A
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Chinese Box Adaptor P-08A
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Chinese Box Adaptor P-10C
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