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Model: 1532
YAXUN Precision Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set USB Charging Screwriver with 20 Bits..
Model: 1574
Attention : 1. As the machine power supply socket must ensure that has received good grounding.2. Please carefully read the operating instructions before using this machine.3. Do not damage the warranty label, or may affect customer service.4. Never use this machine near the flammable gas, pape..
YAXUN YX-535  BGA IC Epoxy Glue Remover ( 20ML )
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Model: 1176
Note: Shipping Cost Including with Price by SpeedPostInstructionsApplicable to softening and removing the mobile phone BGA IC chips and mainboard resin sealants. This product use new eco-friendly  that can rapidly soften and loosen the cured phenolic aldehyde,epoxy,acrylic,polyurethane,silicone..
Model: 1572
YAXUN YX891 Professional lead-free hot air gun soldering station Intelligent digital display 1000W high power rework stationProduct Features: 1. Provided with three storage channel settings for CH1,CH2 and CH3 and can independedtly set the air volume and temperature of each group of channels. 2. ..
YMJ OCA Machine Full Set With Free Base Mold YMJ OCA Machine Full Set With Free Base Mold
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Model: 1427
YMJ OCA Machine Package Content*1x YMJ Machine1x Bubble Remover 1x Vacuum Pump 4L1x Air Compressore 30L1x Base Mold With Mat..
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