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GPP Sim For iPhone 4G / LTE Supported iOS 10.X

GPP Sim For iPhone 4G / LTE Supported iOS 10.X

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INR 500

GPP Sim for iPhone 7,7P,6S,6S+,6,6+,5C,5S,5 iOS 10.X / 9.X / 8 / 7 Unlocking & Activation Works with all SIM cards & Networks 2G/3G/4G GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE.

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GPPLTE 4G + PRO - upgrade version 

1,using the new GPP exclusive chip: safe, stable, perfect, reliable, power, fast. New chip, new program, new circuit board, new packaging, new design - "five star" card stickers.

2,more comprehensive unlock mode, powerful. Chip around the use of dispensing reinforcement.

3,set - phone - sim card applications, genuine inquiries, landing GPP official website, you can strictly determine whether genuine.

4,adaptive judgment logic, SIM card application and boot menu unlock mode, according to the current phone card inserted automatically display Chinese or English.

5, thefront of the circuit board, full copper cover, you can make the card more tough, Mouth, a change in the old version of the old soft and easy to break the defects.

At the same time, the outer side of the circuit board is no longer around, you can effectively prevent card stickers damaged.

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