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R Sim 11 iOS 10.X

R Sim 11 iOS 10.X

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INR 300

R SIM 11  iPhone 7,7P,6S,6S+,6,6+,5C,5S,5,4S iOS 10.X / 9.X / 8 / 7 Unlocking & Activation Works with all SIM cards & Networks 2G/3G GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/.

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R SIM 11  iPhone 7, 7P, 6S,6SP,6,6Plus,5C,5S,5,4S iOS10.X Unlocking & Activation Works with all SIM cards & Networks 2G/3G/ GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/.

What is NEW in R-SIM11+?  iPhone 7,7P,6S,6SP OK, It is Flatter and has more memory to include PATCH inside (256k), for iOS 10.X AU,SOFT BANK & SPRINT DO NOT Need  jailbreak, DO NO patch for 3G network, but other carriers need to install the RSIM patch.

  1. 3G Network Signal drop fixed with new Self-Repair Function. No more problem getting back 3G network when you change tower or when you lose network in low Network areas like underground stations & no Network areas
  2. SPRINT (CDMA) iPhones using 3G SIM cards on 3G Network bugs fixed with Self-Repair Functions. Activation request pop-up flaw has been fixed when using 3G SIM cards on 3G networks using SPRINT or CDMA iPhones.
  3. DUAL mode Function implemented on the menu for 3G only Networks on iOS9.X.. Now more Stable with this function.No more Network drops when you use DUAL mode function on iOS10.X  for people with only 3G Networks.
  4. Lock Carrier Function improved. You can now use your iphone as Factory Unlocked with Lock Carrier Function.. First time you use R-SIM 10 it will ask you to select the Network your iPhone is Locked to. Select and then press Lock Carrier button on the menu then use your iPhone as factory Unlock. With Lock Carrier function you will Never see any pop menu again after you power Off and On your iPhone, Battery drained or remove and put simcard. As lond as you are using same SIMcard you will never be asked to so anything anymore, just use like factory unlocked iPhone.
  5. iPhone 4S on iOS10.X improved and now very stable. Improved SIM tray added for only iPhone 4S.
  6. For iPhone 7, 7P, 6S,6SP,6,6Plus,5C,5S,5,4S use your Original SIM tray that came with your iPhone. R-SIM11 is very Slim sized to fit in your Original iPhone SIM tray. The SIM tray we added on the pack is for 4S only.

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