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Chimera Tool All Modules 12 Months License Activation

Chimera Tool All Modules 12 Months License Activation

  • Product Code: 2035
  • Weight: 0.000
  • Availability: In Stock
INR 10,800 Ex Tax: INR 10,800

Chimera Tool All Modules License Activation is meant for servicing BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia Windows 7 phones.

*All licenses are activated with Chimera Tool server credits. It's necessary to register at and provide us with your Username while placing an order.

Available Options

Chimera Tool - All Modules

  • BlackBerry Module
  • Nokia Lumia Windows 7
  • Samsung Module
  • LG Module

BlackBerry Module

Supported Features:*

  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Base functions
    • Read Info
    • Change Software
    • Nuke internal memory
    • Fix APP errors
  • BlackBerry Chimera Tool - Extended functions
    • Direct unlock (MEP0 reset supported)
    • Backup phone security fields
    • Restore phone security fields
    • Change Vendor ID (Logo remove/Change)
    • Change Keyboard layout (QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY)
    • Camera auto-detect
    • LCD auto-detect
    • Auto turn on (phone will turn on automatically after inserting a battery)
    • Turn Java on (only a white screen at start and can not continue)
  • BlackBerry MEP based NCK calculation

Supported BlackBerry Phones

ModelBase functionsExtended functionsMEP based NCK calculation
BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 (0x04002607)+  
BlackBerry Z10 LTE STL100-2 (0x8700240a)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+  
BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold (0x0c001204)+++
BlackBerry 9930 Bold Touch (0x05001204)+++
BlackBerry 9900 Bold (0x07001204)+++
BlackBerry 9860 Torch (0x1d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9850 Torch (0x16001404)+++
BlackBerry 9810 Torch (0x0c001804)+++
BlackBerry 9800 Torch (0x05001807)+++
BlackBerry 9790 Bold (0x26001507)+++
BlackBerry 9780 Bold (0x15001507)+++
BlackBerry 9720 (0x06000f07)+  
BlackBerry 9700 Bold (0x04001507)+++
BlackBerry 9650 Bold (0x07001504)+++
BlackBerry 9630 Tour (0x0d000d04)+++
BlackBerry 9550 Storm2 (0x0c001404)+++
BlackBerry 9530 Storm (0x04001404)+++
BlackBerry 9520 Storm2 (0x0d001404)+++
BlackBerry 9500 Storm (0x06001404)+++
BlackBerry 9380 Curve (0x04002207)+++
BlackBerry 9360 Curve (0x0e001507)+++
BlackBerry 9350/9370 Curve (0x0c000f04)+++
Blackberry 9330 Curve 3G (0x0e000f04)+++
BlackBerry 9315 Curve (0x05000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9320 Curve (0x05000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G (0x04000f07)+++
BlackBerry 9220 Curve (0x0e000f03)+++
BlackBerry 9100/9105 Pearl (0x05000d07)+++
BlackBerry 9000 Bold (0x84000e07)+++
BlackBerry 8900 Curve (0x84001503)+++
Blackberry 8530 Curve (0x05000f04)+++
BlackBerry 8520 Curve (0x8c000f03)+++

*To perform lifetimer reset, phone refurbish, IMEI repair procedures in BlackBerry cell phones you need to purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits.

Samsung Module

ModelRead InfoUnlockRepair IMEI
Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830I)+++
Galaxy Ace Duos (GT-S6802)+++
Galaxy Fame with NFC (GT-S6810P)+++
Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082)+++
Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE (GT-I9205)+++
Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D)+++
Galaxy Mini/Pop Plus (GT-S5570I)+++
Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)+++
Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)+++
Galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310)+++
Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)+++
Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)+++
Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305)+++
Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)
Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505)+++
Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562)+++
Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102)+++

Nokia Lumia Windows 7

ModelRead infoRead NCKMEI repairReset modem
(reset NCK counter, set modem factory defaults)
Flash DLoadFlash Qualcomm image by USB
Lumia 505 (RM-898) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 510 (RM-889) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 610 (RM-835) via Test Point++++  
Lumia 710 (RM-803)++++++
Lumia 800 (RM-801)++++++

LG Module

LG-H788N LG AKA 4G LTELG-D280AR LG Optimus L65LG-P659BKGO LG Optimus F3LG-D855P LG G3
LG-H222F LG JoyLG-H222G LG JoyLG-H340AR LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340G LG Leon 4G LTE
LG-H340Y LG Leon LTELG-H342FT LG LeonLG-H343 LG Risio LTELG-H440AR LG Spirit 4G LTE
LG-H440Y LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H442F LG Volt 4G DualLG-H445 LG Escape 2LG-H630D LG G4 Stylus Dual
LG-H635 LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H635AR LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H635CX LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H735 LG G4s
LG-H735L LG G4 Beat LTELG-H735T LG G4 Beat LTELG-H736 LG G4 Beat DualLG-H778 LG AKA 4G TD-LTE
LG-D725 LG G3 VigorLG-D165F LG L40LG-D165G LG L40LG-D180F LG L40
LG-D280TR LG Optimus L65LG-D285F LG Optimus L65LG-D290G LG L FinoLG-D325 LG L70 Dual
LG-D390AR LG F60LG-D160G LG L40LG-D405N LG L90LG-H222 LG Joy
LG-P659 LG Optimus F3LG-D802 LG G2LG-H221 LG JoyLG-H788TR LG AKA 4G LTE
LG-H810PR LG G4LG-H818P LG G4 DualLG-H819 LG G4 TD-LTELG-MS395 LG F60 MetroPCS
LG-MS659 LG Optimus F3 4G LTELG-P655K LG Optimus F3LG-P659BK LG Optimus F3LG-P870H LG Escape
LG-V410 LG G Pad 7.0 LTELG-V495 LG G Pad F 8.0LG-V497 LG G Pad F 7.0 LTELG-E739 LG myTouch
LG-D803 LG G2LG-D806 LG G2 3GLG-D821 LG Nexus 5 LTELG-D837 LG G Pro 2
LG-D850 LG G3LG-D851 LG G3LG-D851TN LG G3LG-D852 LG G3
LG-D852G LG G3LG-D855AR LG G3LG-D855V LG G3LG-D856 LG G3 Dual LTE
LG-D858 LG G3 DualLG-D859 LG G3 Dual TD-LTELG-D950G LG G FlexLG-D950P LG G Flex
LG-D951 LG G FlexLG-D956 LG G FlexLG-D957 LG G FlexLG-D959 LG G Flex
LG-D959TS LG G FlexLG-E970 LG Optimus G 4G LTELG-E971 LG Optimus GLG-E973 LG Optimus G
LG-E975G LG Optimus GLG-E975R LG Optimus GLG-E975W LG Optimus GLG-E976 LG Optimus G 4G LTE
LG-E980 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-E980P LG Optimus GLG-E985 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-E986 LG Optimus G Pro
LG-D160TR LG L40LG-D290J LG L FinoLG-D290TR LG L FinoLG-D315H LG F70
LG-D315K LG F70LG-D315S LG F70LG-D320AR LG L70LG-D320F8 LG L70
LG-D325F LG L70LG-D325G8 LG L70LG-D370 LG L80LG-D370TR LG L80
LG-D375 LG L80 DualLG-D390NS LG F60LG-D410H LG L90LG-D410N LG L90
LG-D415BK LG L90LG-D415RD LG L90LG-D500BK LG Optimus F6LG-D505 LG Optimus F6
LG-D605 LG Optimus L9LG-D610AR LG G2 Mini 3GLG-D620K LG G2 MiniLG-D722AR LG G3 Beat
LG-D722J LG G3 Beat LTELG-D722P LG G3 BeatLG-D722V LG G3 SLG-D723 LG G3 Beat
LG-D724 LG G3 SLG-D725PR LG G3 SLG-D727 LG G3 Vigor 4G LTELG-D729 LG G3 Beat Dual TD-LTE
LG-D800P LG G2LG-D801 LG G2LG-D801BK LG G2LG-D801Z LG G2
LG-D802T LG G2LG-D802TA LG G2LG-E988 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-F100L LG Optimus VU
LG-F160K LG Optimus LTE IILG-F160L LG Optimus LTE IILG-F180K LG Optimus GLG-F180S LG Optimus G
LG-F200L LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F200LS LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F240K LG Optimus G ProLG-F240S LG Optimus G Pro
LG-F300K LG Vu 3LG-F300S LG Vu 3LG-F320L LG G2 LTE-ALG-F320S LG G2 LTE-A
LG-F350L LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F430K LG Gx2LG-F430L LG Gx2LG-F460K LG G3
LG-F460L LG G3 Cat.6LG-F470K LG G3 Beat LTE-ALG-F470S LG G3 Beat LTE-ALG-F520K LG AKA 4G LTE
LG-H340 LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340F LG Leon LTELG-H340H LG Leon 4G LTELG-H340N LG Leon LTE
LG-H342 LG LeonLG-H342F LG LeonLG-H342I LG LeonLG-H440 LG Spirit 4G LTE
LG-H440N LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H440V LG Spirit 4G LTELG-H442 LG Spirit LTE DualLG-H443 LG Escape 2
LG-H630 LG G4 StylusLG-H630I LG G4 StylusLG-H634 LG G StyloLG-H635A LG G4 Stylus LTE
LG-H635C LG G4 Stylus LTELG-H636 LG G StyloLG-H734 LG G4s DualLG-H735AR LG G4s
LG-H735MT LG G4sLG-H735P LG G4sLG-H735TR LG G4 Beat LTELG-H736P LG G4 Beat Dual
LG-H812 LG G4LG-H818 LG G4 DualLG-H818N LG G4 DualLG-H818PA LG G4 Dual
LG-L01F LG G2 L-01FLG-MS323 LG L70LG-MS500 LG Optimus F6LG-P655H LG Optimus F3 4G LTE
LG-H222TTV LG JoyLG-P870 LG EscapeLG-P870P LG EscapeLG-V490 LG G Pad 8.0 4G LTE
LG-V496 LG G Pad F 8.0LG-D157F LG L40 DualLG-D160F LG L40LG-D160GO LG L40
LG-D160J LG L40LG-D165 LG L40LG-D165AR LG L40LG-D175F LG L40 Dual
LG-D280 Lg Optimus L65LG-D280F LG Optimus L65LG-D280G LG Optimus L65LG-D280N LG Optimus L65
LG-D280NR LG Optimus L65LG-D285 LG Optimus L65 DualLG-D285G LG Optimus L65LG-D290 LG L Fino
LG-D290AR LG L FinoLG-D290N LG L FinoLG-D295 LG G2 Lite DualLG-D295F LG L Fino
LG-D315 LG F70LG-D315I LG F70LG-D320 LG L70LG-D320AG LG L70
LG-D320F LG L70LG-D320G8 LG L70LG-D320J8 LG L70LG-D320N LG L70
LG-D320TR LG L70LG-D321 LG Optimus L70LG-D325F8 LG L70LG-D329 LG L70
LG-D373 LG L80LG-D373EU LG L80LG-D375AR LG L80LG-D385 LG L80 Dual
LG-D390 LG F60LG-D390N LG F60LG-D405 LG L90LG-D405H LG L90
LG-D405TR LG L90LG-D410HN LG L90LG-D415 LG L90LG-D500 LG Optimus F6
LG-D500BKGO1 LG Optimus F6LG-D610 LG G2 Mini 3GLG-D618 LG G2 Mini DualLG-D620FR LG G2 Mini
LG-D631 LG G VistaLG-D722K LG G3 Beat TD-LTELG-D722PA LG G3 BeatLG-D723TR LG G3 Beat
LG-D728 LG G3 Beat Dual TD-LTELG-D800 LG G2LG-D800T LG G2LG-D801HW LG G2
LG-D802TR LG G2LG-D805 LG G2 4G LTELG-D820 LG Nexus 5 NA TD-LTELG-D838 LG G Pro 2
LG-D850PR LG G3LG-D851WH LG G3LG-D830 LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-D855K LG G3
LG-D855TR LG G3LG-D857 LG G3 Dual LTELG-D858HK LG G3 Dual LTELG-D950 LG G Flex
LG-D950W LG G FlexLG-D955 LG G FlexLG-D958 LG G FlexLG-D959BK LG G Flex
LG-E960 LG Nexus 4LG-E970P LG Optimus GLG-E975 LG Optimus GLG-E975K LG Optimus G
LG-E975T LG Optimus GLG-E977 LG Optimus G 4G LTELG-E980H LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 4G LTELG-E981H LG Optimus G
LG-E985T LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-E987 LG Optimus GLG-E989 LG Optimus G Pro 5.5LG-F100S LG Optimus VU
LG-F160LV LG Optimus LTE IILG-F160S LG Optimus LTE IILG-F180L LG Optimus GLG-F200K LG Optimus Vu 2
LG-F200S LG Optimus Vu 2LG-F240L LG Optimus G ProLG-F300L LG Vu 3LG-F320K LG G2 LTE-A
LG-F350K LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F350S LG G Pro 2 LTE-ALG-F430S LG Gx2LG-H815LA LG G4
LG-D400H LG L90LG-D400HN LG L90LG-D170 LG L40 DualLG-P875H LG Optimus F5
LG-D380 LG L80 DualLG-D855 LG G3LG-D400 LG L90LG-H220 LG Joy
LG-D400TR LG L90LG-D400N LG L90LG-D722 LG G3 SLG-D620 LG G2 Mini LTE Dual
LG-H525N LG G4cLG-D160 LG L40LG-D620R LG G2 MiniLG-H815 LG G4
LG-H815K LG G4LG-H815P LG G4LG-H815TR LG G4LG-P875 LG Optimus F5

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